At the beginning of October 2011, Buckeye House Call reached out to Buckeye commit and current Bedford (OH) Bearcat cornerback Tyvis Powell and asked him what he would have to say if he could speak directly to Buckeye Nation in the months leading up to him officially joining the Ohio State family. Instead of simply replying to the question he took time to sit down and actually write a letter to Buckeye Nation, "from Tyvis."

The following week he submitted another letter to Buckeye Nation (My Journey), this time full page. It went straight to the top of the "most viewed" articles here at Buckeye House Call. After a couple of months worth of weekly submissions we removed his posts from our regular blog roll........and dedicate a full page specifically to "Tyvis' Corner" so we could keep a running journal of entries all in one place.

As a website we enjoyed working and interacting with Tyvis. As Buckeyes fans, we simply loved reading his entries no different than our readers did.


Week 12 - Time to be a Buckeye

Tyvis Powell | Ohio State Buckeye

As you all know this is my last week in Cleveland before I start my journey in college. It has been a good week so far. I've been waking up and lifting at 8 o'clock all week, non-stop. My coach has been trying to kill me all week and I personally like to thank him for that. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

I also want to thank the "Buckeye Nation" for stepping up and helping me against the scUM poster on Twitter. Like I said previously, they have no class. They are obviously worried about us if they are taking time out of their day to talk about us. This goes to show that mentally we have them. They can't focus if all they are worried about is us. Buckeye Nation I promise that we will destroy them next year and leave it all on the field. I will make sure that my teammates are ready for the game. But we're going to take the season one day at a time.

God has blessed us with all the tools we need to be successful. Buckeye Nation fasten your seat belts for this long, fun, exciting ride. We're going to need you guys to be the 12th man on the field!! Let's take our program back to the top!!

- Tyvis

Week 11 - Why Would I Leave Now? 

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye

This week I want to talk about the sanctions we received which included, among other things, a one-year bowl ban. As terrible as this is, it's not going to effect anything. I love Ohio State so much. But the thing I love more than Ohio State is the "Buckeye Nation," which at the end of the day is who every athlete should be playing their heart out for. The reason I feel athletes come to Ohio State is because it has always been a dream to go. I myself am the type of person that always dreamed of going to Ohio State, and no matter if we're winning or losing I will always be proud to say, "I am a Buckeye."


On Tuesday I had a lot of interviews after the NCAA ruled on our sanctions. Most of the reporters already knew what I was going to say, but they asked me, "how do you feel about the sanctions? Does it change your mind?" My response was simple...

"I committed during a time when everything was bad. Why would I leave now?"

Buckeye Nation I committed during the bad times because I wanted to show the world that no matter what happens I still will be a Buckeye. I cut myself the other day and guess what? The color of my blood was Scarlet and Gray lol!! I recall a message I sent on Twitter back in July which stated, "I don't care if Bill Cosby becomes the coach or if we get a Billion years of bowl game suspension, I will still be a Buckeye!!"


Buckeye Nation I truly love y'all and I will do whatever it takes to bring victory and success to The Ohio State University. I talked to a lot of the recruits and they still want to be Buckeyes too. I truly believe that my future teammates all feel the same way about OSU that I do.

After graduation from OSU, my plan is to create a foundation that will fund kids that really would like to go to Ohio State but can't afford to go. I believe everyone should be able to attend the university that they always dreamed of. People who love something would never do anything to hurt what they love, but they will do everything to make it better. 

 feel so much better now that I've completed high school. It's official, Buckeye Nation I will be there on January 1st!!! I'm anxious to get going. See you soon...

PS... THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO MY "OPEN LETTER". Your words were so kind. I teared up when I read it. I promise I won't let you down!!!

- Tyvis





Week 10 - My Official Visit

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye

I arrived at Buckeye Nation Friday around 1:30. When I got there, none of the other coaches were there. They all had attended a funeral for the former Quarterback coach, Joe Daniels. That same day I met Urban Meyer in person for the first time in my life. He had Bri'onte Dunn (@DunnItAlready25) and his family in his office. At that point I started to tell some jokes and get everybody laughing and thats when Coach Meyer told me that I needed to do everything in my power to make sure Bri'onte stays committed to the Buckeyes. Coach Meyer then asked me, "Do you think you can take him?" My response to his question was, "yes Sir, I love a challenge." With a serious look he said, "Tyvis shut the door and me, you, and Bri'onte's father will beat him up." Of course I laughed but he said again, "Tyvis, I'm serious, close the door." So I said "Ok" and reached to close the door and he said, "Naw im just kidding." But if he was serious, I would've been ready. Anything Coach Meyer needs done I'll do it.


From there I took a mini-tour of the campus and then I had an academic meeting with the people of "Fisher" which is the name of the business program. The meeting was very informative. After the meeting I went back to the Woody Hayes facility. A bunch of the other recruits were there and we all watched what remained of practice. After practice we had to go back to the hotel but Frank (@F_Epitropoulos) Najee(Naj_GotTheJuice) Blake (@BlakeThom12), & myself went to "Canes" to grab a snack. We had a blast there talking about what we think is going to happen this weekend and how our seasons went.

After we checked ourselves in our hotel, it was then time to go out and eat. We ate at the "Ohio Union" with our families, the coaches, and some of the players. After dinner, we went to the freshman players' dorm rooms and played the X Box 360. My host was Ron Tanner. I chilled at Ron's dorm for a little while then we went to Ryan Shazier and Braxton Miller's dorm room. They had the big screen TV. They put the "Madden" in and I got on the sticks and started blowing everybody out. Madden is my game if you didn't know. We stayed there and had a great time until we left at about 12.

 Saturday we woke up at 8am and we went to the stadium to eat breakfast. The food was DELICIOUS!! Afterwards they showed us the season highlight film. After that we went back to the "Woody Hayes" to watch practice where we caught the last 15 minutes. When practice ended we went to the training room. I had been telling everybody all weekend that I would hit 315 on the bench press machine. Coach Gillum was dying to see if I could and when we went to the weight room it was already set up for me. I had all the upperclassmen players watching me. I got under the bar and took my hand and slapped it. My mission was complete. I told him I could hit it - I never said I could actually lift it.

After that they measured our height and weight and I measured at 6'3" and 186 pounds. Once everybody was done we went to the team meeting room where the president of The Ohio State University, Gordon Gee, spoke. He is a very entertaining man. After he spoke we heard from the player panel which consisted of John Simon, Zach Boren, Brad Roby, Curtis Grant, and Corey "Philly" Brown. They gave us some very important tips on how to be successful in this program. Once they told us what we needed to know, it was then time to eat again. We had food from "City BBQ" and their food was FANTASTIC!! I was stuffed after I ate. After that, we had meetings with our position coaches, sports information, and a meeting with Coach Meyer. Then we took a campus tour which took us to the student help center. All the people who were coming in early had to fill papers out. We went to Doran Grant & Curtis Grant's dorm room next. They just explained what you may need to bring to the room.

After the tour we went back to the hotel for a couple hours. We went to the Woody Hayes facility where Coach Taver Johnson explained what the feeling of game day is. He expressed it very well - he created so much energy inside the room. It's a feeling that I personally am looking forward to. After that the parents went to "Martini's" and the recruits went to "Champps". We ate again and watched Robert Griffin III win the Heisman.

After the Heisman ceremony everybody went out with their host.................. LOL is all I'm going to say about that night.

Sunday we got up and went down to the ball room of the hotel and ate and told each other our Saturday night stories. We said goodbye and that was it for the weekend.

Judging by the recent commits from Se'Von Pittman (@S_PITT) & Tommy Schutt Coach Meyer definitely has us going in the right direction. Also Bri'Onte Dunn silenced the talk about going to scUM! Im glad to know he is 100% Buckeye!! Thats the type of people I like. People who really bleed the Scarlet and Gray!!

Speaking for the rest of the recruits we are very proud to be Buckeyes, and with the wonderful coaching staff Coach Meyer is putting together we will definitely succeed not only on the field but in the classroom as well. It is an absolute blessing to have the coaches and players that have been presented to The Ohio State University.

Buckeye Nation I can assure you that we will be back at the top, and furthermore we will destroy that team up north and we are going to do it in a classy way. Thanks for supporting us through the good and the bad. We will give you what you came to see and that is a SHOW!!!






Week 9 - Pay it Forward

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye


Although I been lifting and drilling like crazy this off-season, I've also have been spending time in this Mentoring program at my school. I was selected by our Coach of Character Development, Pastor Doug Boquist, to go and speak to little children. The first time I spoke was to a 5th grade class at our elementary school. When we first walked in they looked at me as if I was a GIANT! lol Pastor Boquist then told them who I was and where I was going to school and it seemed as if the kids became more pumped to hear what I had to say.

The first question they had was, "If I knew in the 5th grade, what I know now, I would..." and I had to fill in the blank. My response to this question was simple. I told them I would have focused on my grades more instead of trying to be the cool guy that sat in the back and tried to crack every joke. It took me a long time to realize that teachers are going to get paid whether I learn the material or not. So it was my job to make them earn they pay check. I started to ask questions when I didn't understand something and I started to raise my hand to answer questions more. These are the little things I did to become a better student.

The last time I spoke in front of a group of children was earlier this week, as a matter of fact it was Tuesday. I went down to Heskett Middle School and spoke with a select few students. I explained to them how important grades are. Children don't look beyond today. Right now they don't realize how making poor choices on grades right now could affect them later on in life. Also I preached to them about building strong relationships. I was out here in the world with no male role-model after my brother went off to college and the only person who stuck their hand out to me was my coach Sean Williams (@GoSW33). He is the only man who took time out of his day to be away from his job, his wife, his family, and his friends to make me a better student, a better athlete, and most importantly a better MAN. He has done way more than my own father has done for me and for that I thank GOD every morning and every night for coach Sean.

Building relationships is important because it was certain situations in my life where I couldn't go to my mother and talk to her about so I would go to Sean and he would understand exactly what I was going through. Also in the business world it's not WHAT you know, it's more so of WHO you know. Life is about networking. I've grown to like speaking to children and trying to get through to them. I want to be able to say I made a difference in someone's life.

"I am just a man, may not change the world, but let me inspire someone who can."-Wale.

If I haven't told you this Buckeye Nation - if I never make it to the highest level of football or I get injured (*Knock On Wood) I would love to go into coaching. I grow tremendous joy teaching someone how to do something and watching them take what I showed them and applying it to their game.

"I'm not saying I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain of the person that will change the world." -2Pac.

So if you have a little sister, brother, cousin, son, daughter, granddaughter, and/or grandson please explain how important it is to build a strong base now education-wise. Help them to see past today or tomorrow and help them see 5-10 years from now.

Well Friday-Sunday I will be in Buckeye Nation for my official visit. Hope to have a fun time coming home.

Go Bucks.



Week 8 - Ball Until I Fall

Tyvis Powell Ohio State Buckeye


Buckeye Nation,

Tyvis I’m going to start off this week by telling you what happened in the Ann Arbor “toilet bowl” will not happen again. I have spent the last week infuriated of, not the way our Buckeye team played, but at that way the team up north handled the win. The team up north is like school on Saturday: “NO CLASS” (LOL). Not only are we going to pound their face in when they come to the ‘Shoe next year, but we're going to show them how it feels to continuously get beat by a classy organization. The way I plan to help us achieve this goal is by coming in early. Me and some of my other teammates will be enrolling January 3rd. At that point we will start on our quest of winning a national championship and, I just can’t leave this out, POUNDING THE TEAM UP NORTH. We will be working hard in the classroom as well as working hard on the field. I myself am studying film of all of our opponents for next year already. Not just looking at the tape, but breaking down the tendencies of the teams we will play in 2012. What we will give you next year, each and every Saturday, will be something to stand up and cheer about.

One thing I must say at this point is Thank You to all my teachers K-12 for helping me to achieve my goals. Being able to enroll in college early is something I never really thought about until my coach told me I could go in early and play spring ball and help my team. If it’s going to allow me to get to OSU earlier than that’s great because the sooner I get there the better. They say dreams do come true - I say that sometimes you have to put a little hard work in to make them come true.

I have been blessed to have the right people to come into my life at the right time to help make my dreams come true. I’ve learned what it is to work hard. I know what it feels like to have people not believe in you. But I also know what it feels like to have the whole Buckeye Nation believing in me. I vow to you if the chips are up or if they’re down I will hold my head high, ball until I fall, and always GIVE YOU WHAT YOU CAME TO SEE, “A SHOW”.

My coach always told me to go out there and put on a show and I personally love a big stage. There isn’t going to be nothing better than competing on one of the largest stages in America in front of the best fans in football. My coach told me that he knew I was going to be a Buckeye the first time we walked in the ‘Shoe. I walked in and saw 80,000 people in the stadium an hour before the game started and that’s when I knew that this is where I belonged.  One of the things that truly convinced me is when I walked past the student section and a student stood up and said “COME TO OHIO STATE AND BE A CHAMPION FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” Every time I walk in the ‘Shoe I hear that in my head and I feel it in my heart.

Now actually becoming a buckeye, starting January 3rd, 2012, I know I will be a champion for the rest of my life.

Go Bucks.



Week 7 - Happy Thanksgiving

Tyvis Powell Ohio State Buckeye 

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys this special day with their families! I am truly thankful for being apart of one of the best, if not the best college in the nation.

If Urban Meyer does become the coach of Ohio State I would be excited. Coach Meyer has done some great things as a coach. He has won 2 National Championships and he is 7-1 in bowl games. He is a very good coach, but he is also a very tough coach. I like coaches like Urban Meyer because he demands the absolute best out of his players every play. I would be honored to be a player for him. But all in all I am just proud to play for the university I dreamed of playing for and get a great education.

Wednesday I watched De'Van Bogard (@TheDevanBogard) play in the Cleveland vs. Akron all-star game. One thing I can say is he LAY THE WOOD!!!! He had like 4 big hits. He repped Ohio State and Cleveland very well! Cleveland beat Akron 19-14. It's going to be a pleasure playing along side of De'Van for the next few years. Can't wait to watch O State beat Michigan this Saturday!!!

Go Bucks!



Week 6 - To My Fans, Young and Old

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye 


YoungAndOldSince the conclusion of my season I can honestly say I been on my "No Days Off" routine. Although the season is over the grind never stops. I've been waking up at 6 am lifting weights and going to school getting a great education, then go to the field after school to drill so I can keep my skills sharp.

Buckeye Nation I want to help OSU in what ever way I can. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to play. I would love to help take the program back to the top again next year.

I've also been watching a lot of high school games. Unfortunately a lot of my brothers lost last week but they still had phenomenal seasons. I also want to take this time to congratulate my bro Blake Thomas (@BlakeThom12) for advancing to the next round of the playoffs. Bring it home for us!

Lastly I want to take this time and talk to any kid that read my blogs. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something. If you can conceive it and you believe it, then you can ACHIEVE IT! If you want to make it to college, whether you play sports or not, you have to focus on your ACADEMICS! Grades are the most important thing in the world. You can be the best football player ever but if you don't have grades then you're just another athlete with a dream that is now a Lil bit harder to reach. Stay in them books! Also work hard at what you do. Train yourself to be the best. I try to use Ray Lewis method, "Every day you want to try and do better than you did the day before." As long as we follow that method of thinking we will continue to become better students, athletes, and people.

One thing that changed my recruiting process is when colleges came to my school to talk to my coach about me I was ready academically. Freshman year of high school is THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR! You want to start your high school G.P.A. off high. Do what you can to stay above a 3.0. This will give you a nice strong start that you can build on from there. In high school I never got below a 3.0. When you are sophomore you should start studying for your ACT. The ACT is really nothing but a reading test. A good way to practice for the test would be to read 45 minutes a day. You should take your first ACT test June of your Sophomore year. That way if you don't get the score you want you still have plenty of time to reach your goal. If you take this advice and apply it I GUARANTEE you will be in college earning yourself a great degree.




Week 5 - High School Retrospective

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye

First off I would like to congratulate the Buckeyes for their win against Wisconsin. That was the best game I’ve witnessed in a long time. I’m so proud to call myself a BUCKEYE! Last Saturday night shows that OSU still is the same OSU football team that it has always been. I am so confident that the Bucks will win out the rest of the season and get into a good bowl game.

As you know last week was my last high school game. I would like to say I went out with a bang! I had my longest TD run ever. I caught a screen pass and took it for 70 yards.(If this DB dream doesn’t work out I can always play WR lol).
This week Buckeye Nation asked me to give a recap on my high school football career. The first day I came to Bedford High School I remember going to work outs with my brother, who played DB as well. I was very excited but like any other freshman I really didn’t like to lift weights. At that time I had dreams of being the next Ted Ginn Jr., Anthony Gonzalez, Santonio Holmes, David Boston & Terry Glenn. As a freshman I played Wide Receiver and Safety, but in our first scrimmage against Benedictine our starting QB Devin Davis went down with a broken ankle and as a result I had to put my WR dreams on pause and help the team by playing QB. I really didn’t know much about the position but I was willing to do whatever it may have taken to help out my team. With the great protection from my offensive line and great catching from my receiving corps we were able to win 4 games with me at the helm of the offense. I enjoyed QB but it just wasn’t my dream. Our freshman record was 4-5-1 and I really enjoyed that season.

My sophomore year was the year where I would do anything to get on the field. I was really taking to coaching well that year, doing exactly what they would ask of me. I remember when our starting safety and backup safety both went down and they said “Powell your in”. I would love to paint a picture and tell you that I was ready and fearless, but I can't even lie, I was SCARED! I was so nervous to go out and play in the game I had butterflies and everything. But once I made my first tackle I was ok. I soon got the flow of varsity football and got a feel for the game and I started to make more plays. I ended up starting half of that season. We finished 2-8 that year.

Junior year was difficult. Initially I was not going to play football. At that point of my life I gave up on all sports but one day as I’m walking to my locker, a man walks up and asks me, "are you #85?" I had heard we had a new coach but I had never met him before, which caused me not to recognize who it was. I responded “yes I’m #85”. He seemed so excited he told me that I need to start working out for the season. At first I wasn’t going to even go, but the encouragement of my teammates made me decide to go, which was the best decision I ever made. I have never worked as hard as Coach Sean Williams and the other coaches made us work. I could instantly see improvement in my game. It was Coach Williams who got me to play Defensive Back. All I knew was how to play safety, but it was him who showed me that I could play corner. So it was then that I went from being the next great WR at OSU, to being an Antoine Winfield, Malcolm Jenkins, Shawn Springs or Chris Gamble. We played our first game against Mayfield that year and I went out and did my own thing. I wasn’t listening to what my coaches was trying to explain. That turned out to be the worst game of my life. After that game I vowed to always listen and take coaching, because a coach wouldn’t tell you anything to harm you. So I turned my performance around with the help of my coach and we finished the season 2-8 again. After that season is when I started working out at 6 a.m.

This year, my senior year, the team worked even harder than we did last year. Last year’s team wasn’t as good as this team because last year we wasn’t a family. Everybody was playing for stats. This year we were a family. We went out to eat together, and we slept over each other's house. Everyone was dedicated to making the next person just as good as them. I enjoyed this season more than any other because we were winning more games and we were more competitive in games. This season I played Safety and Wide Receiver. Surprisingly I was able to make a huge impact at wide out this season as a deep threat. This was the first time we even talked about going to the playoffs. Unfortunately we fell short of the post-season, but the things I learned this year were great. I was actually able to help other players and watch their progression in their play. I was just so excited to see everyone getting better day by day.



Week 4 - Thoughts on Wisconsin

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye

This week will be a true test for the defensive backs with Wisconsin having such a great quarterback with the ability to scramble. The linebackers have to focus on the run game and the secondary must focus on the passing game. This may sound easy but it is a very complex situation in a football game.

When u have such great players such as Nick Toon and the other players Wisconsin has it makes it very complex. Now of course Ohio State has great players as well but the key to victory is stopping the run. I feel Bradley Roby or Travis Howard will have a great game against Nick Toon. At the end of the day I believe the secondary can take care of the pass no matter where Nick Toon will be (same way it will be when I arrive to the 'Shoe!).

I believe we the fans will be a huge part of this game. We have to be the 12th man on the field because we owe Wisconsin pay back from last year. I will be in the stands cheering the Bucks on and would love for them to beat Wisconsin. Michigan State proved last week that the Badgers are beatable.

Also I would like to say that this is my last "Friday Night Game". It has been a good year for us as a team. It would be nice to go out with a win but the good thing about my situation is that I will soon be playing on Saturdays in the 'Shoe wearing the scarlet and gray and playing for a university (and Buckeye Nation) that I love with all my heart. Wish me luck in my last high school game against Euclid.

Also I would like to thank the "Plain Dealer" for publishing my article on Wednesday October 25, 2011.

Go Bucks!!!!


Week 3 - Season Recap


Tyvis Powell |  Ohio State Buckeye

First off I'd like to thank the people who support me and take the time out of their day to read my thoughts each week. That really means a lot to me. The Buckeye Nation requested a recap of my season and I am a firm believer in giving the fans what they want, so here we go...
If you know football then you know the football season never ends. A season is truly won in or lost in the off-season and this year we had great off-season work outs. Everyone was dedicated and came to lifting which helped us not only get better physically but it helped us become closer as a team.

We eventually became a family with one heart beat. We had our first scrimmage against Westlake, who was 6-4 last year and they went to the playoffs. They were our first opportunity to show the community that we have become a better team than last year. We went out and played really well against them and our defense was phenomenal. It seemed as if they had a hard time moving the ball up the field. Good start.

Our season opener was against Olmsted Falls. They were an excellent team last year, I believe making it to the second round of the playoffs (made it to the third round of the playoffs two years ago). We knew we had to win that game...it was HUGE for us...and we did.

Game 2 we played St. Ignatius, who I don’t think I have to give you any background information on! We had a great week of practice that week and we were really looking forward to playing them. I knew I had to go up against my future teammate Blake Thomas and I had him man-to-man the entire game. Although we lost 51-13 to St. Ignatius on the scoreboard, we learn a lot about ourselves.

Game 3 we went up against Benedictine. They're a really good program and are having a great season thus far. They were 2-0 when we played them and they use our field for their home games. It quickly became, “The Battle of the Field’. We wanted to prove to them that, although they may use our field, it still has “Bedford Bearcats” written all over it. That week I had another big physical receiver I had to go up against in Mike Roberts , who I also had man-to-man all game. We lost that game 27-19, unfortunately, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Game 4 we had Shaker Heights. I’ve lost to Shaker every time I’ve played them in football, so it was personal for me. Plus if you follow me on “Twitter” you would have seen that one of their players was talking trash to me so that week I had extra motivation to work even harder. We beat the “Red Raiders” 32-14 but it was a tough game. They're a very good team.

Game 5 we played Warren Harding, which is a great program because they had some great players come out of that program and do some great things on the field for Ohio State. That week we lost our starting Quarterback due to family issues. I really wanted to win that game for him. It was Warren Harding’s Homecoming, and so we felt we had to ruin it! To me that was the best game of the season for us. We had to battle adversity the whole game. We were down 7-6 the entire game, our punter wasn’t punting that well, the offense wasn’t really moving the ball that well, and on top of all that my foot was hurting. But I really wanted to win the game for my teammate so I chose to stay in the game and fight the pain in my foot because I know he would’ve done the same thing for me. We end up scoring with 13 seconds left in the game and eventually winning 12-7. That probably will be the most memorable game of the season.

Game 6 we played Warrensville who is a very athletic program. Again it was their “Homecoming” and again the players on the team was talking trash online. I was hurt that week due to my foot so I couldn’t play. But I did stand on the sideline and cheer my team on as they played in the “Mud Bowl” beating Warrensville 20-6.

Game 7 we played Lorain who is also a very good program. They have the coach from Twinsburg who’s team went to the playoffs for many seasons. Lorain was a “Must Win” game for us if we wanted to keep our spot in the playoffs. I knew I had to play. At first my team was telling me “Its okay Tyvis, we got it. We just want you to be 100%”, but I couldn’t just sit out of the most important game of the season. So I sucked up the pain again and played. We were down 21-0 at halftime, I was so upset because I knew we were so much better than that. I gave my team a speech at halftime and we came out and score 20 points straight. We were back in the game. Unfortunately we couldn’t find another way to score and we came up short, 23-20.

Game 8 was homecoming for us. We had Shaw who has always been a great team. They always have some great athletes. We knew that they were here to ruin our homecoming. We haven’t beaten Shaw in like 5 years and we wanted to end that streak. That game was huge because we had some little kids from the elementary school come and we walked on the field with them and we wanted to win the game for them. We fought hard but Shaw defeated us 27-13.

This week we have our rivals and defending DII state champions Maple Heights. They are having a great season at 8-0 and they're full of confidence.

Although we've lost some games on the scoreboard, we won because we were able to learn from our mistakes which has made us better players. I truly believe you learn a lot more from losing than you do winning. As long as you learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat the same mistake twice then, in my eyes, you are a WINNER.




Week 2 - My Recruitment


Tyvis Powell |  Ohio State Buckeye
Hey Buckeye Nation! This week I want to talk about my recruiting process. When I started this recruiting process , all I wanted was some mail from colleges. I went the whole season and never received any mail from any colleges, while other players on my team seemed to be getting mail from everywhere: Florida, Alabama, Iowa, Penn State, Tennessee, etc. Not receiving mail didn’t do anything but make me work harder. My coach would always tell me, “Tyvis it’s just a letter.” But to me it was more than that.

One day my coach said to me, “Tyvis I got a surprise for you.” It was then that he told me that Ohio State had invited me to see the Penn State game. At first I didn’t believe it. I thought he was playing with me. But then my coach came to pick me and my friend Myles Hillard up and we went to the game. This was my first time ever being to the ‘Shoe. When I arrived, we went to the recruiting room, and that was the first time I met Jim Tressel. When Coach Tressel came over to introduce himself to me I showed him my report card. The reason I showed him my report card was to let him know that grades would not be an issue with me and I’m ready to be a BUCKEYE! After that I went down onto the field to watch the Buckeyes warm-up. The feeling that came over me was unbelievable. I felt that at-home, welcoming feeling. I knew at that moment that this is really where I want to be. It was quite an experience for me. My most memorable moment at the ‘Shoe is when we walked past the student section. One man stood up and said, “COME TO OSU AND BE A CHAMPION FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” I thought to myself he is absolutely right. That had to be one of the best days of my life.

I finally received my first piece of mail from Northwestern, but I wasn’t going to be satisfied until it was OSU. So one day I went home and I checked my mailbox and to my surprise it was a letter from OSU!! I was so excited that I still have that letter on my dresser to this day. I received a lot of offers but when OSU offered and I heard Coach Tressel tell me he wanted me to wear the Scarlet and Gray, it seemed as if every other college and scholarship I had just vanished. The other ones didn’t mean anything to me anymore because the best school in the nation, the school I grew up watching and cheering for every Saturday, had just offered me a scholarship to play for them. June 1, 2011 was, still is, and will always be the best day of my life. I cant wait til I can start playing for OSU. I enroll early so I will be there for the spring game. As long as I keep working hard on and off the field I should be able to play in the spring game. I will do everything in my power to keep OSU at the top in football and most importantly in ACADEMICS! I have about 98 days left til I am a student-athlete at one of the top universities in the nation and I CANT WAIT!!!


Week 1 - My Journey  

Tyvis Powell  |  Ohio State Buckeye

Hey Buckeye Nation. I would like to start off by saying you can call me Mt. Tyvis because I'm going to be one of the largest corner’s in the Big Ten, comparable to the largest mountain in the world! What do you think!? How about a little bit about me and my journey...

This mission started out as a dream that has now become OUR reality. At the age of 9 I was sitting on my grandmother’s couch watching us win the National Championship in 2002 and that's when I realized I wanted to be a part of one of the greatest football traditions and programs ever. The dream started to become more of a reality my junior year in high school. My coach told me I could achieve my dream of playing at Ohio State. So then the mission began. I call my coach around 8 o’clock and I explained to him how I always dreamed of playing at Ohio State. He gave me a 20-25 minute lecture on how hard it would be and what I would have to sacrifice, but I said there is nothing hard about working to achieve the dream of being a BUCKEYE! The next morning at 6AM I started my quest. I would go to my high school and my coach Sean Williams would work me out, drill me, and make me watch and study film. If their was anybody that was going to push me hard it would be him, being the fact that he was a NFL corner. The things he had me do, an average person would not do to become a Buckeye: flipping tires, running stadium stairs, running up hills, and constant drilling just to name a few. I did it all just to be able to call myself a Buckeye.

On Memorial day morning, after lifting weights, coach took me out to the field to do “skills and drills’. As we were in the middle of one of the best drills ever the phone rang. It was a message saying “Coach Tressel has resigned, check and see if it's true." At that point he threw the phone down and went back to the drill. The phone rang again, it was a 614 area code. He said “Uh oh I think this is coach (Johnson)." He answers the phone, it was a reporter from Ohiostate247Sports. He said to my coach, "Did you hear about Tressel resigning?" My coach responded “No." He then asked my coach, “do you think this will affect Tyvis’ decision to be a Buckeye?” His statement to them was “NOT WHEN YOU’VE WORKED AS HARD AS HE HAS TO PLAY COLLEGE FOOTBALL.” His next question was will I still be making my decision June 1st.....my announcement day was set for June 1st, in which I had a press conference at the front of my school. It was pretty obvious I was going to choose Ohio State because it was “Ohio State Day” at my high school. At the press conference I explained to the nation how important the state of Ohio was to me, and why I was choosing to be a BUCKEYE. Regardless of what coach is there my degree will say “THEE OHIO STATE UNIVERISITY” and having that name behind me for the rest of my life means more to me than anything. Twitter has helped me be able to express my thoughts and feelings about Ohio State and it also helps me to communicate with the great people of Buckeye Nation, the best fans in the world. They make working hard easier because I know I'm working hard not just for me and my family but for everyone in the state of Ohio.

This Friday night we have Lorain high school. Lorain is a good program and they just snapped a losing streak and turned it into a winning streak. They have a great kick returner and Wide Receiver in Christian Nogueras. He has a lot of talent and he’s a track runner so we know he has speed. We prepared for Lorain by putting together a defensive game plan in stopping Christian. I believe in the game plan our defensive staff has put together as long as we go out and continue to listen to our coaches and execute.

I would like to wish the Buckeyes GOOD LUCK in their game against Nebraska tomorrow. I will be at home cheering them on. Time to turn the season around!!! GO BUCKS!!


Open Letter From Tyvis Powell to Buckeye Nation


Everyone welcome Ohio State's Class of 2012 commit Tyvis Powell to Buckeye House Call!
Two days after Coach Tressel's resignation, the 6'4" junior defensive back from Bedford, Ohio made his commitment to Coach Fickell and THE Ohio State University as the eighth player to join the 2012 class. He selected our Buckeyes over offers from Michigan State, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Minnesota, and West Virginia...among others. He had long been rumored to be leaning towards Ohio State, and offered up this gem the week before making it official:

"I’m ready to be a Buckeye and won’t let you down. We’re going to have some fun and I’m going to give you your money’s worth! Get the popcorn ready."

With so much negative attention swirling around the university and the Buckeye football team this offseason, Tyvis put his positive stamp on the situation, and his plans, by saying, "It is very unfortunate for coach Tressel but it doesn’t affect my decision at all. I didn’t hear anything about the business school going down or falling apart and college is college, you go for an education and to play football. Ohio State is Ohio State and it always will be no matter who is wearing the headphones. I want to send a message to everyone that I’m still on board and everyone else should be as well."

Now THIS is a young man we can root for!

Tonight, leading up to Ohio State's Saturday afternoon match-up with Michigan State and after helping to lead Bedford to a 20-6 win over Warrensville Heights, Tyvis submitted this open letter to Buckeye Nation through Buckeye House Call....

"First off I'd like to thank Buckeye Nation for the love and support they show me every week. I am preparing for THEE Ohio State University by one, focusing on my academics. I am working hard in the classroom, I'm becoming more active in class, answering and asking more questions, and studying! At this point I'm proud to say I have straight A's!!!! Secondly I'm preparing for OSU by studying the game of football. Watching film and looking for the opposing team's tendencies, reading my keys, anticipating what I think will happen next, and most importantly PLAYING TECHNICALLY SOUND! I'm learning how to lead my teammates and motivate them to play to the level I need them to play at. Also I'm working out 3 times a day and staying after practice and drilling, which is something I plan on doing even when I arrive at OSU! I'm working hard at everything so I can help Buckeye Nation win another championship and become the best in the nation once again!!! GO BUCKS. -Tyvis"

We're ready to welcome Tyvis to Buckeye Nation as much as he's ready to join.

I've invited Tyvis to give Buckeye House Call a weekly update on his plans, progress, and life in general. Here's to hoping he becomes a regular contributor so we can all keep up with this future Buckeye.

Nice work, Tyvis. Welcome to Buckeye House Call.

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