Greetings Buckeye Nation! I am new BHC administrator EB Cooper, and I would like to tell you about the new era of
the Buckeye House Call blog and a new offer we are extending to our readers.

      If you have been keeping up with the blog, you may notice that there has not been a new entry for some time now. We at BHC
apologize for this, as we are going through a transitional period in our blog. As such, we are extending an invitation to our faithful readers out in Buckeye
Nation to come join us at Buckeye House Call and become full time writers on our staff. WE are looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated Buckeyes who
have a strong passion for the Scarlet and Gray and are willing and ready to lets their creative juices flow and extend their voices out to Buckeye Nation. 

     To become a part of the BHC team, simply prepare an article for submission, and contact us through either the website page under the contact tab, or you can also message me directly at either my twitter account (Ohioan_330) or through our new Facebook Page. Along with your submission, tell us a little bit about yourself, how you became a Buckeye fan, what you hope to accomplish as a possible writer for the blog, and how much you love the Buckeyes!

      I am happy to begin this new era of the Buckeye House Call blog, and hope to assemble only the best team of writers to aid in our mission of supplying Buckeye Nation with all the great news, interviews, reviews and updates from our beloved Buckeyes as much as we can.

       So stay tuned, and GO BUCKEYES!!!